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    imageLoader,no  Content-Length not loading in ie, chrome


      Im currently working with the PosterFrameElement, the url to the jpeg is like this http://mydomain.dk/image/1234/

      serialElement.addChild(new PosterFrameElement(new URLResource(url)));

      to get pass the ImageLoader canHandleResource I tryed inserting .jpg which then return true..(also override the canHandleResourceto true)

      However my problem seems to have something with the browser and  images content header, the images im trying to load has no Content-Length and is chunked..file size around 46 k (and I have no chance to change this).

      In firefox all work fine,

      BUT  when I view in chrome, ie or safari the picture is not loading. I trace LoadEvent bytes to 0

      It seems like a BUG in the Loader!! is their a workaround or suggestions on how to move on?


      Thanks in advance

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          Hi Peter,


          Have you tried loading the images directly in the problem browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari) and see if the loading works any better? If something loads differently based on the browser, that's unusual with Flash Player. I'd see if the browsers themselves are having trouble with the chunked files before tackling anything inside OSMF. I know that certain browsers send different HTTP statuses than others. It is possible that a chunked file is sending a status before the entire file is loaded, tricking the Loader into thinking the file is complete. Adobe notes that the following browsers don't send statuses to the Flash Player: Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer for the Macintosh. That doesn't line up exactly with your list, so that may be a red herring.


          Also, on the matter of getting around the image loader, you could use your own media factory to pick the loader and element type through a custom MediaFactoryItem. If you specify an ID other than the standard OSMF ID for MediaFactoryItems (org.osmf), it will get used before the standard MediaFactoryItem for that media element type. Check out the MediaFactory's resolveItems() method for how that works.



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            Xstreampeter Level 1

            Hi Nils


            Thanks for your reply.. The pictures load and display nicely in all browsers..

            I got around the problem, by making a custom mediaelement that loads the image with Loader, on this I added a PLAY trait, so that the image can work as a posterframe/splash image before a videoclip, when autoplay is false.


            thanks again