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    Changing service location in Air project

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      Here's the backstory:


      So DL'd FB4 recently. It's been about nine months since I've touched Flex and thought I'd throw my hat in the ring for a little Air project I've been wanting to do. So I started building my app. It's a pretty simple form that when submitted creates an object, passes it to my ColdFusion cfc and gets back a query of type JSON. It then populates an advanced data grid. That's it for now, pretty easy.

      The problem:
      At work I've got my CF8 running out of C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot. (Everything works great!) At home I've got it on D:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot. However in both cases they are http://localhost. So yesterday I brought my app home to work on it. Imported the project and used the Test Operation panel to test my cfc. No dice. Can't find it. Ok, so I go into the properties of the project and under Flex Server change Web root to: D:/ColdFusion8/wwwroot/ and I change Output folder to: D:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\ and hit validate. I get an error:
      "C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\ is not a valid location because the project contains a linked resource at that location."
      Any help would be great! Thanks.

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             Please try the following steps:


            1. While setting the output folder specify it to be a well defined folder under the webroot.

                example: D:/ColdFusion8/wwwroot/<my-project-outputfolder>


            2. Validate the configuration and apply the changes.


            3. There might be errors or warnings displayed for the CF services in the problems view. This would happen if the CF services are not found in the new      server.


            4. Ensure that the services are deployed on the new server under the same relative path, as that of in the old server.

                Example: If in the old server the CF services were under



                               then ensure that the service are under the same relative position under the webroot in the new server





            5. Now refresh the service from the "Data/Services explorer"


            The errors and warnings must be resolved.


             Hope it helps.