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    Creative URL Rewriting and SEO

      Hello all-
      I am trying to optimize my sites for search engines. I presently have SES URLs like this:

      I would like to use keywords in my URLs instead of numbers. Each brand and collection has a name assigned to it obviously, for example, brandid 3="fortis" which possesses various collections also with names. I would like my URL to look like this:

      I have tried to do part of this within application.cfm where I have set up a <cfif> clause that evaluates what the text in URL.Brand is and then uses <cflocation> to assign a new web address. This works fine, however, I would like to dynamically generate the whole thing. Presently, I have to manually list each brand and its variable key equivalent in application.cfm. In addition, there are so many brands that it would take a lot of space to list them all in application.cfm. All these brands and collections already exist in my Access database so isn't there a way to pass my variables as text and then have that converted to a number within my page generatenew.cfm?

      Feel free to look at my page to see what I mean:

      I really appreciate the help.