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    pdfform does not return fieldnames

    fhorse Level 1
      I created a form in livecycle designer that accepts URL values from the calling cf8 page and uses those values in the sql of a data connection (script) to populate fields on the form. That works great and gives you a very dynamic form capability. However, when the form is returned to the cf8 page, the form fields that are bound to the data connection do not return their actual field names (as var formFields) but rather return an an array of structures based on the query (ie. QueryName.ArrayElement.QueryColumn eg. myQuery.1.phoneNumber). This behavior makes it very difficult to save the submitted form as XML (by parsing the formFields) and repopulate the form with that XML should the user want to view/change the information. Is there a way to get the form to submit actual fieldnames? (Perhaps this is a Livecycle designer or Acrobat question but when you mention ColdFusion on those forums the users seem to stay away .)