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    iPod synchronization

    Tibor Szasz



         Can someone suggest me a way to copy and manage music to a connected iPod, iPhone with the Adobe AIR API?




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          Tibor Szasz Level 1

          It seems it is not possible. Sad


          I've checked AIR and Java bridge, but that only supports Flex and I'm developing in HTML/JS. Python solutions also didn't work. Any ideas?

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            thilgen Level 4

            Do you have some library (in native code or Java or whatever) that actually knows how to communicate over the USB driver using the iPod transmission protocol? As far as I know - this protocol is not public knowlege. That being said - there is no direct AIR to USB communication channel. However, if you had access to it through other libraries, you could create a Native Application (new in AIR 2.0 and can be written using HTML just like a regular AIR application) that contained the USB <-> iPod communication layer and do the rest of your application management in AIR.


            Hope that helps.


            Chris Thilgen

            AIR Engineering


            BTW - If you figure something out..let me know...I have been wanting to write something like this as well!