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    Pro scripter wanted (pay)

    Rand0mUser Level 1

      Working with newspapers and I need a few scripts.


      My email is in my profile.

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          I can try if you

          give me the opportunity. Thanks!!!!

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            Could you please provide a quote for these two scripts?

            Please write a well documented script.


            Goal: To insert an image within a text frame and applying styles while keeping the dimensions of the original image frame. I want to make it anchored, hence the applied object style "image" (see below).


            - copy the selected graphic frame

            - select the content (the image)

            - delete the content (the image)

            - select the graphic frame

            - change Object Content (currently set to Graphic) to Text

            - insert cursor at the beginning of, what is now, the text frame

            - paste the graphic frame

            - apply object style "image"

            - apply paragraph style "zero paragraph"


            And separate script that does the same, but runs the script on each graphic frame containing an image on the layer "Stories".