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    Do CFExchange tags support Integrated Windows Authentication?


      I am trying to connect to the Exchange server. I tried the IP address for the Web Mail URL and the IP address for the Exchange server that I have set up in my Outlook. Both of them are failing.

      I am getting the below error with the Web Mail IP


      Cannot access Exchange server as a web application at xxx.xxx.x.xx

      Ensure that the Exchange web application is configured in IIS and Web Service Extension for the Exchange server is allowed. 


      and getting the below error with the Exchange server IP


      Error connecting to the server xxx.xxx.x.xxx.

      Error message from the server : Connection timed out: connect.


      We are using Integrated Windows Authentication to logon. I read another post somewhere that was saying that the ColdFusion/Exchange Integration supports only Basic Authentication. Is this the case? Does anyone know if the IWA is supported?