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    XMLSearch difficulties


      This is the XML i am trying to search:


             <sds:EssayType>Overcoming adversity</sds:EssayType>
             <sds:EssayContent>one two three four five six seven eight nine  ten</sds:EssayContent>


      I have tried both:

      <cfdump label="getthis" var="#XmlSearch(xmlDoc, "Student/Essays[EssayType='Overcoming adversity']")#" />


      <cfdump label="getthis" var="#XmlSearch(xmlDoc,  "sds:Student/sds:Essays[sds:EssayType='Overcoming adversity']")#" />


      and nothing gets returned.    What am I doing wrong?

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          ilssac Level 5

          XML Namespaces and ColdFusion are a bit tricky to work with together.


          I'm affraid I don't do this enough to just spit out the solution.  But I know if you Google ColdFusion and XML Namespace you will get several very good blogs that discuss the in and outs as well as how to work with it.




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            Adam Cameron. Level 5

            Your first one won't work because you don't have your namespace in there, so it'd never match anything.


            However your second one works fine for me..?  Well: it returns Essays which have an EssayType text value of "Overcoming adversisy", which is what I expect you want.


            I'm running CF8... what are you on?


            PS: thanks pointing me in the direction of the [node='its text value'] thing. I didn't know one can do that.