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    how director is good

      i m the user director but on some point i m so much confuse about the director

      i really feel comfort and relax in director..i can easily develop the application in the director ..but .when y u work in director y u are not work in flash...flash also can do all ... at this time I have no proper and satisfy answer to give the prove them all....

      Tell me guys
      Y director is good....
      What r the difference b/w director and flash?
      How can I satisfy them technically?
      I know that flash good software but I wana know that point which make the director better then flash.
      What are these points?
      Soon im going to conduct the seminer..here people think director is not good software ..they think is so much difficult ..
      So I wana tell them about the director. is good software…y
      Plz reply me

      Thx a lot

      farhana khan
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          Just so you know, cross posting is considered bad netiquette. The reason is
          that someone may spend considerable time responding to a post, only to
          discover that the question was already answered by another forum user on the
          other thread..

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            For the web, noone can never make anything serious, or important in flash since anything in flash can be decompiled and stolen.
            I dont know of any decompiler for director
            There is also his 3d powers,3d aceleration that flash dont have and that makes possible things like this:

            The drawbacks?Well, many flash users will complain about directors language, cos it doesnt have the oop boureaucracy that actionScript have.This is the people that is not goal oriented.

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              Hi farhana,

              A lot of people ask about the differences between Flash and Director. Here's my

              Director is extremely powerful at application development for off-line delivery. It
              can communicate with hardware and Operating System level stuff - something out of
              the realm of Flash. As an example, the Kodak Photokiosk interface was developed
              with Flash. This kiosk allows a person to insert a memory card, interact with an
              onscreen set of menus to load the image, manipulate it, send it to a printer, store
              the persons details.... So, Director is able to communicate with the card reader
              and other devices and have allow the creation of of a sophisticated piece of
              software to manage printing of digital pictures.

              Real-time 3D
              Director has a real-time 3D engine that is not available in Flash. Aquilonian
              mentioned this and gave a link to MaidMarian. For more, look at my Shockwave Hall
              of Fame page at:

              Director has the ability for plugins known as Xtras. These allow the extension of
              Director to all sorts of things. Third Party developers make Xtras to give support
              for additional media types, to allow quick creation of menus and so many other
              areas. Just look at the following to se how much Xtra stuff is around:
              You can also make your own Xtras.

              Media support
              Director has far more support for the range of media around - like DVD-Video,
              Flash, MP3, QT, image formats

              Here are some further links:
              The Best Kept Secret in Town - Application development with Macromedia Director
              Has a 'How Director Differs from Flash' section.

              My own FAQ page (which needs some updating), which has a few more links:

              The Director Podcast - The Battle of the Software.
              This is an audio discussion of the differences between Flash and Director. It is
              done in a lighthearted way.

              Hope that helps.


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              email: d.utian@unsw.edu.au

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                Also, for a long time flash main point WAS that actionScript was easy and fast to have things done
                That allow DESIGNERS, NOT CODERS, to make flash the most popular plugin on the web
                Now with actionScript3 this is all gone.Its not intuitive anymore, its full of errors and you have the same work as if you were coding in java