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    Formatting of DW CS5 does not match live browsers

    zoon_unit Level 1

      I'm currently using Dreamweaver with CS5's new integration with Drupal.  I have a website formatted and displaying in live view, but the formatting in live view doesn't match the formatting shown in a live browser.   When I preview the site in Browserlab, it reflects the formatting I see in Dreamweaver, NOT the actual formatting shown in live browsers.


      Example:  I display the site in a local copy of Firefox 3.6.  That formatting differs from that shown in Dreamweaver AND the Browserlab version of Firefox 3.6.  I thought the whole purpose of Browserlab was to give developers an accurate rendering of a website as it would appear in different browsers?  But if the formatting can differ, then Browserlab is useless as a test device.


      I wondered if some of the problem might be because of formatting that I had disabled in Dreamweaver while I was experimenting, but I can find no way to ensure that all disabled formatting has been re-enabled.  Does Dreamweaver remember disabled formatting from session to session?  Is there a way to hunt down (or clear) disabled formatting?


      I know there is a context menu to "enable all disabled in selected rule" but what about disabled rules that I can't find?


      Very confusing.....