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    CSS style sites

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      Looking to see if anyone can recommend or provide some links to how to
      create a CSS based website that i can offer to potential clients..

      Basically looking to build a few simple sites that can be customized after
      purchase from within a secure console.

      After they login, they can select the color schemes, layout and font. Then
      provide text for the different sections(all pre-defined) as well as pictures
      for each section.

      Or if not that.. how to create a more dynamic site then just your standard
      ASP data site, that once i create the site, build the client a console where
      they can change the colors, pictures and such as often as they want.

      Sounds like more of a content management system.. just looking for some

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          Well I am no expert on CSS or CMS. But I would check out adobe/devnet and go through some of their great tutorials. There is alot of good info there.

          If you are trying to get more into CSS I would recommend lynda.com for some great video tutorials and check out csszengarden.