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    Creating dynamic text in the picture

      I created a picture where the background has a gradient color and i putting some data base information in between the picture? i try using firework to slice out as a HTML so in order for me to put the text but i will not have the background color..
      can anyone help me or teach what can i do? if anyone don't understand i have upload a picture so will understand what i'm trying to say: http://jlkh82.spaces.live.com/?_c11_PhotoAlbum_spaHandler=TWljcm9zb2Z0LlNwYWNlcy5XZWIuUGFy dHMuUGhvdG9BbGJ1bS5GdWxsTW9kZUNvbnRyb2xsZXI%24&_c11_PhotoAlbum_spaFolderID=cns!673C40D6295 213D8!244&_c11_PhotoAlbum_startingImageIndex=0&_c11_PhotoAlbum_commentsExpand=0&_c11_Photo Album_addCommentExpand=0&_c11_PhotoAlbum_addCommentFocus=0&_c=PhotoAlbum