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    Strange Flash Reload Problem in IE

    phaseblue Level 1

      Hello everyone!  I am having a very strange problem with a Flash movie reloading properly in Internet Explorer.


      I have a movie, which is coded completely in Actionscript 3, where a user can drag a chain around within the movie.  It works fine on first load, but when you visit another page and return, or try to reload the page, the chain links all fly up into the top right corner and you can no longer drag it around.  The only way you can get it to work again is to close IE and restart it.  I have tested this with IE 6, 7, and 8 and the same problem occurs in each of them!  In all other browsers I tested it on (Firefox PC/Mac and Safari) there is no reload problem.


      It`s almost as though the movie is not being cleared from cache and the class constructor isn`t being called again whenever the page is reloaded in IE.

      Is there any way I can stop this from happening by setting something in the embed script (I`m using swfobject) or within the Flash movie itself?


      This is the strangest problem I have ever encountered in Flash, and also extremely frustrating!  And, of course, it`s no surprise that a Microsoft browser is somehow involved in it!


      Thanks for any help anyone can give!