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    Reader 9.3.3 Problem with Silent Printing (print but no preview)


      I've posted this in Acrobat Scripting Forum but not one response since 07/02/10 (170 read it but no response).


      Running Windows XP 2002 with Service Pack 3


      After updating from Reader 9.3.2 to 9.3.3 our users a experiencing a fatal error when printing silently (the form prints but you don't see it.)



      1. The server produces a pdf and an associated xfdf.

      2. The xfdf is executed which launches Reader and populates the fields in the pdf. At the same time the xfdf print parameters pass into the pdf

      3. Java Script executes the print parameters and sends the form to the printer without the user needing to do anything.

      4. After the print completes, the next set of pdf / xfdf would normally be processed but Reader 9.3.3 throws the following errors

      * A message box pops up stating Expected a dict object. The user clicks OK

      * The Microsoft Error reporting dialog box pops up. User clicks Send or Don't send either way it goes away.

      * A message box pos up "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library"

           Runtime Error!


           C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe



           - pure virtual function call

           The user clicks OK

      5. Reader closes


      I checked the Event Log and it states:


           Faulting application acrord32.exe, version, faulting module acrord32.dll, version, fault address 0x000b271f


      If the user opens the form in preview and prints using the print dialog or clicks the Print button I added (uses same Java Script mentioned above) it prints fine and the next set of pdf / xfdf are processed.


      All users have rolled back to Reader 9.3.2 and the problem went away.


      I hope some one from Adobe is aware of this because there are security patches in Reader 9.3.3 and our clients cannot use our product unless they stay on version 9.3.2. For now all users will have to see if the next Adobe Reader release will fix this.


      By the way. I get the same issue in Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.3.3.