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    Why PE7 crashes after loading faulty avi file


      Hi - Problem on this Vista Home Premium system and PE7 occurred after loading a faulty avi file. Now every time a new project is started a blank icon appears where the files usually reside. Just clicking on this icon causes a white flash, the screen changes to white and the program is being crashed. This occurs even after two clean reinstall of PE7. So I figure this faulty file resides somewhere in one of the program files but cannot figure where and why it is picked up on a brand new project causing the program to be unusable until restored to it's original state. I use PE7 along with PSE6. Everything was working fine until this happened. Any ideas why ?

      Thanks for your help.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          No. Sorry, Phil. I don't quite understand your problem.


          Where did this "faulty AVI" come from? Is it from a camcorder? What kind of camcorder and how did you get it into your computer?


          In any event, have a bad AVI in a project isn't going to corrupt the entire program (unless it loaded a virus into your computer). It's only going to affect the one project that it's in.


          I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say that starting a new project gives you a "blank icon where the files usually reside."


          Can you open a new project? (Don't worry about what you see in the Organize panel. It's virtually irrelevant. As I say in my Basic Training with Premiere Elements tutorials at videomaker support site Muvipix.com, the only thing that matters is what's in your Project panel. The Organize panel is just too confusing to be of any use.)

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            filo4 Level 1



            Hi Steve and thanks for your insights.

            First of all I must say that I was aiming to organize all the dv tapes from my Canon HV20 camera.

            With regard with this accident that now deprives me of PE7 (originally downloaded from the web)  let's say that the files were captured from a Dv tape with PE7 and saved on the computer.  It is interesting that I previously made lenghty (90mn ) DVD's  very successfuly without too much problems. But this time around, I was experimenting with a video organizer for cassette DV's so I could have all clips in thumbnail form to be able to easily choose from. The «faulty» file  was from a lot,  batch renamed with window's explorer and then batch datecoded with a  freeware called dvDate.

            My system is HP quad core 6G memory and HDisk 750 Gb.



            This morning have restored Vista to a previous date, uninstalled Photoshop El. 6 which I kept from previous PE combo and reinstalled PE7. Results are shown in enclosed photos, PE7 screen and PE7 screen2. So you can see that nothing is changed and the software still does not work.

            Hope a solution will be found because I have been there before with small problems but all were resolved. Still have your «Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in a Snap» for some useful references that still apply today.

            While installing PE7 a couple of pop-ups appeared: The first was something like «Catalog has been created with a previous version of PE - would you like to convert now with PE7?» and then «Default catalog has been found, PE7 trying to open»

            Hope all the above clarify things for you. Thanks for reading me.


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm sorry, Phil. I'm still not sure how your whole system got corrupted, even if your AVI was bad. But, if you were capturing AVIs from a Canon HV in DV Lock mode, I don't see how even the AVI was bad! So something odd is going on that must run deeper than just a corrupt file.


              Assuming there's nothing out of the ordinary that you're not telling me (like that you're editing on a second or external drive or that you're working on a home-built system), I'm rather stumped.


              Try holding down the Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys on the left side of your keyboard as you launch the program. This often clears corruptions in the program.


              You can also go to C:/DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS/ALL USERS/APPLICATION DATA/ADOBE/PREMIERE ELEMENTS and delete -- or just rename -- the 7.0 folder. In case this, too, has corrupted, the program will recreate it.


              Meantime, you say you've reinstalled the program. You can try uninstalling the program then deleting the C/PROGRAM FILES/ADOBE/PREMIERE ELEMENTS 7.0 completely -- just to ensure the program is completely removed. Then reinstall it clean.


              As I've said, version 7 is a pretty stable build. Corruptions and problems with it are rare. I assume you maintain your computer, keep the operating system up and date and regularly defrag your drive(s) and run a virus scanner.


              The FAQs to the right of this forum detail my regular maintenance regimen. I also walk you through it in my books.



              You do want to eliminate every possible cause. Sorry. I know that's no fun.

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                filo4 Level 1

                Hi again Steeve : All returned to normal after proper maintenance as you suggested.

                Still a couple of problems tough.

                First, Files captured through HV20 and PE7 are saved on my computer, in mpeg type and are described by Gspot as:

                1-File Type MPEG-2 Transport Stream

                2- Mime Type: video/mp2t

                Using VLC These files read like HDV, very bright, and the way they should be, HDV.

                However after processing in PE7 and saved as VTS files on same computer, the files in GSpot are now described as DVD «VOB» format which is what they are but they look a little fuzzy like SD, in VLC.

                Question is : How can I get HD movies from PE7. Burning to Philips DVD-R gets the very same result, SD.

                Have searched the forum but did not find adequate answer. If PE7 cannot return HDV files as HDV on computer, after processing,  I figure it won't do any better on DVD's.


                Second problem is that all messages, from other people, sent to this forum seems to end-up in my inbox. Anyway of correcting this abnormal situation ?


                Good forum, love it.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  If you are starting with HD material, you will want to Burn to BD to maintain the HD quality. SD quality will be greatly diminished, as the material is heavily down-rezzed.


                  Good luck,



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                    filo4 Level 1

                    Bill : Hey, Thanks for the early reply but.... being french speaking I have a problem with BD. What does it stand for, please. Did you mean BR for Blu-Ray? And also what is the meaning of down-rezzed.


                    And please... what about the email problem ? Along with your reply were about half a dozen other emails not related to this subject  !!!

                    For instance, just came in : Bill Hunt  Subject : [Premiere Elements] Re Webcam losing connection   Received : 2010-08-20 16:48

                    Would appreciate if you could have someone look into this !




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                      filo4 Level 1

                      Bill : At this hour, over 20 unwanted messages from Adobe Forum.

                      I replied to each of them as follows:

                      «This message not meant for filo4 please do not send again.

                      filo 4» in the hope this would stop after advising you people several times.

                      I do not intend to spam.

                      Please have the webmaster rectify this situation immediately.



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Bill is not the webmaster and neither am I. I am the forum host, however.


                        In any event, the problem is not with the forum. You likely have a virus or other malware at your end. Please correct this problem as soon as possible. (A program like MalwareBytes should do it.)

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          BD = Blu-ray Disc. Sorry about that. It is the HD (High Definition) version of DVD (Digital Versatile Disk), which will be SD (Standard Definition).


                          Good luck, and sorry for the abbreviations,



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            If you are receiving e-mail notifications from the forum, it is likely that you have a setting for that in your Profile page, that is not what you wish.


                            This ARTICLE will show you where the forum e-mail notifications can be changed. Note: look in all places, as there are really two levels of e-mail notification.


                            Hope that this helps and good luck,



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                              filo4 Level 1

                              Nope - Seems (from message received from B. Hunt) that Email Notification had been turned on somehow. Cannot recall having done so myself tough. Thanks for your reply.

                              Love this forum.


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                                filo4 Level 1

                                Thanks Bill ... Much obliged.  I also hope this situation has now been corrected.

                                Love this forum.


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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  If you are unable to turn off ALL forum e-mail notification from the instructions in the linked article, please post to the Forum Comments forum. Outline exactly what you have tried, regarding the e-mail notification, so they will not recommend doing the same, exact things. John, the Adobe Admin. reads that forum daily, when he's at work, and can help you get everything reset to how it should be.


                                  Not that long ago, though I had ALL e-mail notification to OFF, I starting getting an e-mail whenever anyone responded to any thread in any forum that I had ever visited. When I went to my e-mail program, I had over 3000 e-mails. Most of these were from threads, that I had not responded to, but they were in fora, that I had read and replied. By the time that I cleaned those out, I had 1000 new ones. Before I could post of my issue, those e-mails stopped, as suddenly as they had started. Somewhere, in a forum update, "wires" got crossed, and my InBox got filled and then refilled. Only happened for that one day, but was scary. I checked my e-mail notification settings are everything was still set to OFF, but for a day, the e-mails piled up - just a ghost in the machine!


                                  Good luck, and if the switches that I point out in that article do not work, then Adobe Admin. CAN fix things for you.



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                                    filo4 Level 1

                                    Just to continue this discussion; not having a BR burner am I stuck with my desire for HD DVD ?

                                    The closest you can get I'm told is using dv-lock which I use with improved display showing on HD TV.

                                    But now I read somewhere that someone using Verbatim discs could effectively turn out HD DVD's. Is that possible?

                                    I doubt that PE7 which cannot burn in HD to files on computer ( I checked with VLC) will do so on discs be it BR.

                                    One workflow with PE7 for people having difficulty to burn directly to disc is to burn to computer and then with 3rd party soft. burn to disc.

                                    So, if the final result on the computer is SD how can it become HD on disk.

                                    Hope this is not too confusing !

                                    This is frustrating because on the timeline it is clear that the data imported is HD (Data compared in VLC and GSpot)



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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      If you do not have a BD burner, there is an involved workaround. Note: the resulting HD DVD will need to be played on a BD player. This ARTICLE will give you some tips. Here is a continuation of that discussion on MUVIPIX, as there are more, and different people, who replied. Note that not much HD material will fit on a DVD, even a DVD-9 (Double Layer/DL).


                                      Good luck,