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    RoboHelp: Air, Server, or ??


      I use Robohelp 8 HTML to create a help center for our various call center groups. I am currently using the WebHelp output for a browser-based help tool. The challenge we run into is a lot of feeback that "searching is too hard" and our system is too complex.


      I've looked into Air, specifically the locally installed Air help, as this would allow for favorites to be defined by each user and make comments. This may help the user customize our system per their needs and provide feedback. The challenge is that our content changes on a daily basis and it appears as though pushing through updates is not as seemless as browser based help systems.


      I'm looking at RoboHelp Server 8, and it appears as though the reporting and "improvement loop" may assist in determining what content is frequently accessed. We've considered creating smaller projects and deploying them to individual groups instead of a company-wide help system.









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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          mollyid wrote:


          ...The challenge we run into is a lot of feeback that "searching is too hard"...


          Indeed Searching is too hard. I used to have a similar setup and situation with a call center that needed rapid (and simple) access to information on several hundred different products. Indeed, if I only offered Search they would have crucified me.


          I stumbled across this amazing technology that allowed them to type just a few letters and instantly locate any information they wanted. And this was eons before AIR or Google or the Magickal RoboHelp Server entered the picture.


          I too pushed content out on a daily basis and my users loved my system.


          Oh, I guess you might be wondering what I did to make this happen. Yeah, that might be helpful, huh?


          I created something known as an Index and populated it with useful terms that made sense to my users. Do an index correctly and teach your users how to use it. I guarantee it will outperform AIR or Google or RoboHelp Server any day of the week.


          Cheers... Rick


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            mollyid Level 1

            Rick, great feedback-- I think we set up the Index, but didn't look at it as a solution. It is a great solution. Do you have any success hints for building an Index. Is the Index wizard a good place to start? Any advice. Thank you!

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              MergeThis Level 4

              Success Hint:


              Many items will be phrases, and you need to provide access no matter which word the user will key on. For example, the phrase "Naming the Database Server" topic should have entry/subentry combos like this (italics for emphasis only):




                   Server, naming



                   Database server

                   Middle tier server



                   Database, naming




              Even single-word items should more than likely be subentries in multiple spots as well as prime entries.



              Good luck,


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