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    Flash Player 10

    ShirleyW75207 Level 1

      I have been using Catalyst quite a bit and have even been offering it to some of my clients.
      I have not had good luck with clients adopting to the flash player 10 version.
      "Everyone" is turned off by having to have all their viewers update to flash 10 to see the site.
      Although Everyone loves the animations!
      They are simply afraid potential viewers will just move on rather than go through the install procedure.
      I wish we could save it back a version.
      For now I am having to go back to Flash and Dreamweaver for client compatibility.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Funny, Flash Player 10 has been out for such a long time, I would have expected it to already be installed. You don't need 10.1 to be installed, if that is the issue.

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            Willem Buijs Level 1



            I understand Flash-Player 10 needs to be installed in order to view swf's generated bij FC. I make FC-animations for the website of the company I work for. No problem. But when I ask collegues to check my animations before putting them online, the animations won't show.

            My company has a 'closed' network; IE is installed, with Flash-Player 10. Nevertheless: when my collegues try out my animations, their browsers start downloading the latest flash-player-version. This results in an error-message, because the network does not allow anyone to install software, and so the animations fail to show.


            You state: 'You don't need 10.1 to be installed....'


            From what I see: version 10 seems not to be enough....



            Any idea what can be the problem


            Thanks, Willem

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              Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

              Flash Catalyst requires Flash Player 10.0.45 or later. You can test your Flash Player version here (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15507.html). You could edit the html page that is generated by Flash Catalyst to require a lower version, but you might encounter other issues by running an older version.

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                Willem Buijs Level 1

                Thanks Chris,



                The main.html-file generated by my FC, wants FlashPlayer 10.0.32 or later to be installed. You  mentioned 10.0.45; I do not understand why there is a difference.



                The Flash-Player-version in the browsers of my company is 10.0.12; apparantly the reason why the browsers won't play my animations.

                I followed your suggestion to edit the main-html-file of my animations. I changed 10.0.32 to 10.0.12, and =+WAUW+= IT WORKED!!


                I hope I will not run into new problems by lowering the version, but for now all looks oké.


                Thanks a lot!!



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                  Willem Buijs Level 1

                  Hi there,


                  I tried out a few of my animations, of which I edited the main.html-file:  I changed 'required flash-player-version'  from 10.0.45  to 10.0.12.

                  Most of the content showed up allright.


                  I only encountered problems with the video-files enclosed in the FC-animation: the video-player-skin shows up where it is supposed to show up, but there is no 'movie' showing.

                  I'm shure this error is due to playing the animation in a player-version that is to 'low', for I eliminated all other possibilities.