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    Break Link - Symbols Issue


      My issue is with "Break Link" in CS5 Mac


      It currently breaks the symbol into a new layer inside the current layer instead of just making it a group inside current layer like it use to.


      I found the symbols feature really handy in teh previous versions. I do a lot of licensed artwork so I use the same logos repeatedly through out the day and it was nice to jsut have them in a symbol library so I could just drop what I needed of licensee's logos. Now this is more of a hassle with the current set up now and has added time to my old work flow.


      Any solutions other than converting back to CS4, I do feel this is a bug currently.

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          luchababe Level 1

          This is a pain in my butt too.  I watched a video about this new symbols system and it appears this was on purpose.  So you can edit symbols more efficiently or something.  I didn't need any help with that area so it doesn't help me.  I have to break the symbol then drag all those paths out of the New Symbol layer in order to rearrange things. 

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            Cense Level 1

            Thanks for the response!


            I was a afraid that was the case. I'm not sure the advantage of the new setup. I have actually found a semi ok work around to the problem that stops it form making new layers in layers.


            If you drop your symbol to stage select it then group just the symbol then break it apart it will remain on the same layer, you may just get a group in a group. Which to me isn't as big of a issue as having art on different layers inside layers...

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              rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Cense, I realize this is an old thread, but I'm glad to read your partial workaround.


              I guess symbols can now contain layers, although I've never gotten that fancy with symbols.


              Related to this issue is my wish for a "make unique symbol" option within the context menu (right mouse button). I don't know how many times I want to create a variation on an existing symbol and the current workflow is very cumbersome, in my opinion.

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                Thanks to Cense for the workaround on this. To take it a stage further I'd suggest recording a little action to do the following and then maybe even give it a shortcut:


                - group the symbol

                - break the link

                - ungroup it


                In answer to your point about 'make unique symbol', I think this exists in the flyout menu of the symbols pallette, it's named 'duplicate symbol'. I use it all the time to create a new symbol based on an existing one.

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                  PrepressPro1 Level 4

                  I tried this group then break link with a bug I use often problem is I also have more to the break link action which aligns the bug to the top of the page. When I group then break link the alignment panel won't align the resulting art the way it did before. Try it for your self, take a logo and group then break, now try to use the alignment panel to send it to the center and top of the page. Tell me if you get the same results where the logo/bug will not aligning correctly.

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                    Hey, coming to this thread many years late


                    Anyway, thanks you so much for the workaround as it works flawlessly. This new layer thing every time you break a link was driving me crazy!