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    Loading movie files from external folders

    Bill BC

      I am building a presentation tool that has a lot of video links, more than 20. So I won't be able to put the movies on their on states. Is ther a way to have a button call the video file to load and play full screen? I would then need a way to go back to the menu from the video.

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          You can have each button set the source property on a single video player, which will eliminate the need for > 20 video players.

          There is no way to currently have an interaction make the video player go full screen.



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            Bill BC Level 1

            Thanks for the tip. But how do I have multiple videos load into one player on the same state? When I load a video into a state it is contained in it's own player. I'm not finding where I can set the button to load a particular video into that one player.


            Just to clarify, I'm looking to have a video player with a side menu of buttons, each playing a different video, preferably in the same player in the same state. I'll need to have buttons that play about 10 videos per state and 5 states with each categorized by theme. So I plan to have close to 50 videos play in this application. Is this something I can accomplish in Catalyst?