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    How do I adjust the brightness/light around the EDGES ONLY?


      Hey everyone I just bought a JAG35PRO DOF adaptor for my Canon Vixia HF M30.  After using the adaptor the image I think lets less light in or something, and the edges are all darker.  Is there anyway to fix this in Adobe Premiere?  Thanks.

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          shooternz Level 6

          You are getting a vignette from your adapter.


          You may be too far stopped down (aperture) or not far enough zoomed in on the adapter screen.


          It will be very tricky to fix on your existing shots because you need a reverse vignette or a mask.  Whatever..they need to blend.


          There are a number of ways of creating a Gradient mask


          This could be done in Photoshop as well but:


          In PPRO...Try creating a Title with a circular / eliptical "gradient" that generally  covers the area of the vignette.


          Place Title  above the clip in the timeline.  Opacity >Blend> maybe Screen (adjust opacity as well for control)  Try the Blend Modes  because lighten may  work as well.


          Its going to be a bit trial and error.

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            joshtownsend Level 2

            You might have to scale the whole shot it's your wide-angle lens barrel. There may not be enough actual picture information there to brighten up and if there is it will most likely be very noisy.


            Here's my suggestion if you have a lot of footage to fix:

            Render a frame the exact same size as your footage then take it into photoshop.

            Draw or paint in white around the area that's dark, making sure to feather it on the inside.

            Make sure the center that needs no brightening is totally cut out.

            Add a few hundred pixels around the outside (so you can scale it Premiere if you need to).

            Render the still as a Tiff with an alpha channel (so you keep your feather and the hole in the middle)

            Bring into Premiere and set it on a layer above the footage and set the blending mode to add.

            Adjust the Opacity of the still as needed.


            Well that's one way to do it......

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