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    2nutmeg Level 1

      When a recepient hits the submit button, they can only save form to desktop. Then has to attach and email. Why?

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          That is the way interactive PDF forms are designed when Adobe Reader is the client.


          If you want to fill and save an interactive PDF form on your desktop and then forward the saved document, you must use Acrobat as the client or use LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES (or LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES2) to apply usage-rights to the PDF so Reader can perform the same operations as Acrobat.



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            2nutmeg Level 1

            I actually want the submit button to work for all recipients. Some hit the submit button, and it comes to me like it is supposed to. However when some hit the button, it only allows them to save it, and then they have to email it as an attachment. Why doesn't the submit button work when they hit it?



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              pguerett Level 6

              It depends on the mail system that is being used. For email systems that have a mail client then Reader/Acrobat can communicate with it via an API and can add the attachmnet automatically. For email that is web based (gmail, yahoo etc...) there is no api so Reader/Acrobat has no means of communicating with the mail system....hence the save and manual attach is needed.



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                2nutmeg Level 1

                Thanks for that information.

                Now I am running into a different problem. I created and distributed a different form. This form also has a submit button that I added. I filled in the email address to come to the correct dept., but when I tested it and hit the submit key it went to a completely different dept. Why is this happening?