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    Acrobat 9 crashing while executing Javascript


      Acrobat Pro 9.3

      Windows XP Pro SP3


      I am trying to add a tooltip to a button using an example from the Acrobat Javascript reference.


      It looks like this (basically cut and paste from reference):


         var f = getField("myButton");
         f.userName = "My tooltip";


      Acrobat crashes with this error message:


         AppName: acrobat.exe     AppVer:     ModName: acroform.api
         ModVer:     Offset: 0008cc4a


      I tried this at the document level and at the field level with the same result -- crashes in all cases.


      I tried different cases such as "Username" and there were no crashes. But there was no tooltip either.


      All of the other code I'm using to set button properties works fine.


      Is this a known bug?


      Any suggestions.


      Thanks in advance for any help