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    Flex and Intuit QuickBase

      I'm using an http service object to open a connection to the Intuit QuickBase API, but the Flex error checker doesnt like
      the use of QuicKBase's query language in the XML. Any ideas on how to get around this?

      See the <query> parameter, it wont allow me to use { }

      <mx:HTTPService id="QueryQBase" url="https://www.quickbase.com/db/bcm8g4h74?act=API_DoQuery" method="POST">
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          To use curly bracers you will need to setup a var in the action script:

          public var query:String="{'11'.EX.'1'}";


          So the HTTPService call to QuickBase would look something like this:

          <mx:HTTPService id="srvComment" url="https://www.quickbase.com/db/bcunhqa6u">
          <query>{query}</query> <!-- {'7'.EX.'Fred'} -->

          Also, in case people don't know the QuickBase API is here:
          QuickBase API

          The API also shows well formed querys.