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    the ability to output halftones (separations) and set screen angles, etc., from the CS5 print dialog

    brookner Level 1

      I output films from photoshop that are used to expose silkscreens.  often, i output halftones and up until CS5 i've done this from the print dialog where i can also set my screen angles and dot shapes, press print and off it goes to my printer.  It has been suggested to me in the photoshop macintosh forum that i might simply build a script to convert the individual channels to bitmaps at the printer resolution, angle, shape and then print that.  unfortunately, this method results in less accurate screens and fails to take advantage of what my postscript printer can do.  this is the only reason i have a postscript capable printer.  i used this workaround method before i bought the postcript printer and the results just weren't very good.


      my workaround is to keep CS3 installed and print from that.  this is a hassle and less than optimal.  i was quite surprised to find that this "feature" which has been available in photoshop for many years suddently disappeared.  please give some thought to bringing it back.  i expect that i'm not the only shop that's going to miss it.


      you can see some commentary on this in the ps mac forum.  look for "setting line screen in CS5."