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    Slow Save and Load


      Greetings All 


      First time poster.  I seem to have run into a road block that I am unable to solve.  I am experiencing the following issues with premiere pro cs5:


      -Long load time

      Specifically for loading projects, not loading the program, and not loading the footage.  The progress bar moves incredibly slowly and takes roughly 10 minutes to load.


      -Long save time

      This is what is finally making me post here for help.  Similar to the load time, the progress bar moves slowly (generally around 10-20 minutes a save).  On my current project, the progress bar appears to have stopped (so far over an hour).  The program is responding, but I noted that my ram (32gb) is now nearly full.  Attached is my task manager.


      screen 2.png


      -Clicking to another program and coming back

      I have noticed this problem posted on other threads and I have yet to find a solution.  When the program is opening and responding if I click to any other program (whether adobe or just to my desktop) and back, it takes about a minute of 'not responding' and then everything is functional.  (originally I figured this is just a bug that will get fixed in the known future).


      I am running windows7 64 bit, two xeon processors (3.2ghz each), 32gb ram, Nividia Geforce 8800 gt.


      I have attempted to reinstall recently (when the clicking to another program bug first appeared), my guess is two weeks ago.  I was originally on cs4 which mysteriously went into trial mode and could no longer read my mp4s.... and I knew I wanted to go to a 64 bit version of premiere so I upgraded no more than a month ago (clean scripts for cs3, 4, and 5 were ran after each uninstall/reinstall).   Any assistance will be helpful.



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          Galyo100 Level 1

          As if by magic, a few minutes after posting the project saved and my ram freed up.  I will be running diagnostics and attaching  to the original post.



          I can't edit the op, so I will post here.


          Speed Fan

          screen 3.png



          ((Contains DxDiag.txt, ProcessExplorer, and .nfo))


          If you need anything else, let me know.



          The previous save attempt was following the advice from another poster saying to delete all the preview files and resave your project, which should make the filesize more manageable.  After checking, my project file now is 12gb.  Tried importing into a new project with no avail thus far (CS5 doesn't respond, I'm currently leaving it like this in hopes it will find a way =P).



          Importing selected sequences was still not responding in the morning.


          Here is my temporary solution to get into a project that wasn't responding on load (again I am in win7 64 bit):

          1) Delete Preview files located inside your project folder (or whichever folder you are saving yoru project in)

          2) delete media cache files located: C:\Users\***Your USER NAME***\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Files\

               ((I found I had a ton of media cache files for projects no longer on my machine... which may have something to do with the problem... I don't know))

          3) Open Project.  The screen froze and I left it on for aproximatly 4 hours so I don't know exactly how long it took to come to the next dialouge.

          4) It will propt you regarding the missing preview files.  Offline All

          5)Sequence>Delete Render Files (seems redundant but for some reason, when I didn't do this, the project was still huge)

          6)File>Save a Copy (again, simply saving the project or renaming it didn't work, but a copy did)


          Afterward I tested the project file saving it multiple times.  The more I saved it the larger it got (but not by gbs only a few kb or at most 2mb).  Did not fix my problem with long loading saving or clicking off the program, but I can now work on my project untill the update comes out.  I am still interested in any "fix"/workaround for my original problems.


          Now that I am watching my machine more closely I have noticed the process pproheadless is taking up around 12gb (and a second instance of it taking around 4gb) of ram when I render out my sequences (3 minutes each h264 for highquality vimeo)