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    Encrypted Db Problem ?


        In my application there is a encrypted db (encrypted is using the EncryptionKeyGenerator.as class),,


           So there is a encrypted db ,, how can i open this into the sqlite or any other like sqlite expert professional ,,because sqlite expert professional


           uses the different algorithm so the encrypted db is not open into that , there is one another tool Sqlite sorcerer in which i can open my encrypted   

           db successfully , but i can not import .sql file ,my .sql file size is 40mb ,, so when i importing my .sql into Sqlite sorcerer then this tool is hang   


           nothing is happend .. so what can i do in this ?


           I want my encrypted db is open into the sqlite or any other sqlite browser so i can import and export


           any help kindly appresicated


           waiting for the reply as soon as possbile ??