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    Multi-format titles?

    akribie Level 2

      Just created a set of titles at 1080p overlaid on 1080p footage in a 1080p sequence.


      Copied the contents of the 1080p sequence into a clean sequence at PAL DV widescreen.  Video fine, titles not showing on output.  New title created in DV sequence on same track shows just fine.


      Mercury Playback on or off makes no difference.


      Conforming titles to DV widescreen makes no difference - they stay at 1920x1080.


      Same in both Program window and on DV output via FireWire.


      Is this a feature that didn't make the manual, finger trouble or a bug?

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          akribie Level 2

          Soory - guess I should mention that this is PPro CS5 under Win7 64 in 24Gb RAM.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Works here. Can you explain what you mean by "conforming?" I'm assuming you're referring to scaling the title down to match the new sequence settings, or employing the Scale to Frame Size option.


            Depending on the nature of your title, it's possible that elements are positioned outside of the viewable area when you use the HD title in an SD sequence. For example, if I create something like a lower third at 1080 HD, if I drop this into the SD sequence without any scaling, the design elements are outside of the frame. Once I scale it down, however, the elements "appear."

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Titles have a fixed dimension.

              Right click on title and scale to fit framesize.

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                akribie Level 2

                Useful hints.


                It was finger trouble.  The titles didn't re-scale whereas the video clips did and the title content was all off the edge of the DV frame.


                Must be asleep this morning.


                Thanks for helping.