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    Russian (cyrillic) text visualization in datagrid through flex-amfphp-mysq

    luke3design!! Level 1

      Hi to all!!!


      Here's the scenario.

      I've got a mysql db with several products stored in several languages (english,french,deutsch,italian and russian). The table is stored in utf8 and through phpMyAdmin or mysql GUI client I'm able to see correctly all the products in all the language (russian included).


      I've also setted up remoting through amfphp. I've got a remote php object which queries the MySQL extracting all the products related to a language. On the flex side a read the remote result and I put it in a data grid  through databinding.


      Everything works fine with english,french,deutsch and italian but the troubles come with russian.


      In DataGrid cell, instead of the cyrillic chars, are displayed many "??????".


      I've tried to elaborate the result of the query changing the string data with this php function mb_convert_encoding($row->describtion,'UTF-8','Windows-1251') but the text displayed remains the same.

      I've also tried with utf8_encode / utf8_decode.


      Is there anyone who already faced this issue?

      Am i doing something wrong on php side? Am I missing something on flex side?


      Any help would be appreciated!!!!

      Thanks in advance!