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      Hi, can smb help me with one problem?
      How can I make multyple selection in the textArea?
      I can use the setSelection ,beginSelectionIndex&endSelectionIndex properties just for one selection, but if I need multyple selection ? Is it possible to do?
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          kcell Level 2
          Thats no common functionality for a texteditor (check normal texteditors on your pc).

          I thought about new class with textarea as base class , but you have to overwrite the current selection methods and implement a own multiple selection functions, which reacts on mouse events. Than you have to take care that the multiple selection is displayed correctly and cut/copied/pasted operations work correctly.

          So basically it can work. You might should give a look to the new SDK 3 (which is open source) and see how the textarea class implements the current selection methods. Than you get a better overview which efforts you have to put in for a multiple selection.

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