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    BitmapData from remote server since 10.1 update not working?




      I have had an SWF running on a HTML page since early 2008, and this SWF pulls down some images from another server - subseqently displaying them for the user.


      The SWF uses BitmapData to smoothly display the loaded JPG images.


      However, since the 10.1 update, this no longer works - everything gets drawn blank (when the bitmapdata's .draw() method is invoked).


      I must point out that this has been working fine for years before the 10.1 update, and the security setup has also been done correctly (the image server has the crossdomain.xml file, and the local SWF file has the relevant Security.allowDomain settings in place).


      Has anyone else experienced this, or know of a fix? This is driving me nuts, many of our clients who have this SWF in place on their website can no longer see the images after updating to 10.1.


      Please help if you can.