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    Cfwindow and IE8 modal issue

    Phil Mervis



      I have a website http://www.coptimeandahalf.com where on the search it pops-up a cfwindow that prompts them to either log-in or register.


      I have set the code to be modal so they are not allowed to interact with the parent window since the client wants them to see what the search results returned but not actually allowed to click on them until they have registered or logged in.


      This works fine in Firefox all the way down the page but is not working fine in Internet Explorer. In IE, it is modal for what is displayed but if you scroll down the page, it is not modal any more and the user can click on the links.


      The code is as follows and is executed if they are not logged in.



      function try {                ColdFusion .Window.destroy('reqReg',true); } catch(e) { }           ColdFusion .Window.create('reqReg','', '/includes/requireRegistration.cfm',reqRegister);           setRegReq ();           ColdFusion .Window.onHide('reqReg',destroyWin); } function setRegReq() { try {                document .getElementById(ColdFusion.Window.getWindowObject("reqReg").header.id).className = "windowHdrs";                document .getElementById("reqReg").style.zIndex = 9999; } catch(e) {} } var reqRegister = { x:300,y:200,center:true,width:410,height:245,modal:true,closable:false,draggable:false,re sizable:false,initShow:false } showRegisterReq() {