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    Bug in AIR Release Exporter

    Chris Brind



      I noticed this a couple of times now, but have been able to work around the problem in the past.  Basically if there is something wrong with the app-descriptor XML file when you try to do a release export of your AIR app no error message is displayed and the wizard just sits there.


      My current problem is around setting the file types for association.  Clicking finish in the export wizard results in this stack trace appearing in my system console (not the Eclipse console).


      22/07/2010 16:49:04 [0x0-0x46046].org.eclipse.eclipse[610] Exception in thread "Thread-1429" java.lang.NullPointerException

      22/07/2010 16:49:04 [0x0-0x46046].org.eclipse.eclipse[610] at com.adobe.air.ADTOutputStream.addDescriptor(ADTOutputStream.java:233)

      22/07/2010 16:49:04 [0x0-0x46046].org.eclipse.eclipse[610] at com.adobe.air.AIROutputStream.addDescriptor(AIROutputStream.java:63)

      22/07/2010 16:49:04 [0x0-0x46046].org.eclipse.eclipse[610] at com.adobe.air.ADTPackager.addSpecialFiles(ADTPackager.java:80)

      22/07/2010 16:49:04 [0x0-0x46046].org.eclipse.eclipse[610] at com.adobe.air.AIRPackager.addSpecialFiles(AIRPackager.java:156)

      22/07/2010 16:49:04 [0x0-0x46046].org.eclipse.eclipse[610] at com.adobe.air.ADTPackager.createPackage(ADTPackager.java:44)

      22/07/2010 16:49:04 [0x0-0x46046].org.eclipse.eclipse[610] at com.adobe.air.AIRPackager.createAIR(AIRPackager.java:120)

      22/07/2010 16:49:04 [0x0-0x46046].org.eclipse.eclipse[610] at com.adobe.flexbuilder.multisdk.apollo.export.AIRFileCreator.create(AIRFileCreator.java:12 7)

      22/07/2010 16:49:04 [0x0-0x46046].org.eclipse.eclipse[610] at com.adobe.flexbuilder.exportimport.releaseversion.ui.ExportReleaseVersionWizard$2.run(Exp ortReleaseVersionWizard.java:316)


      So right now I actually have two problems... this one and the fact I can't work out how to create valid XML for a file association.  I'm guessing the example in the generated app descriptor is wrong somehow.  Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.