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    CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet

    Scuzzi01 Level 1



      I am having problems using Kuler on my Mac. I have CS5 master collection installed but Kuler just does not work. A colleague has the same suite installed and his Kuler works just fine! We have tried re-installing the suite but to no avail.


      We have tried copying my installation on to his machine, as well as copying all preferences. But still it doesn't work!


      We are completely stumped and require some assistance.


      The machines does have internet access and I also have CS4 installed and Kuler works fine, it seems to be limited to CS5 and just on my machine.


      Any ideas on how we can fix this?






      *MODERATOR COMMENT* The source of the problem seems to have been identified. See the post by employee Carey Burgess on February 2nd for details:



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          tom dtp Level 1

          Are you accessing the internet behind a proxy? Get your IT person to set http://kuler.adobe.com as an exception and that might help, I'm just about to try this

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            Ben6401 Level 1

            I have the same problem "not connected" error

            ... but I am on Windows 7 32bits.

            Kuler shows a "not connected" error in its pannels in CS5 programs (AI PS & ID).

            The site http://kuler.adobe.com/ works without any problem.

            I don't use proxy. It used to work a few days ago when I used it for the last time. But it's not working now. It did not touch anything.

            I uninstalled and installed again but no change.

            The kuler.swf in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CS5ServiceManager\extensions\KulerPanelBundle" seems to connect since it shows a loading screen and then displays themes "sea wolf, root beer flot, etc." but it cannot be used as it is.


            Please give us information to fix it.

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              serotones Level 1



              Wondering if your problem persists. Today, trying to access Kuler from InDesign CS5, I realized that nothing to do with accessing the "Adobe servers" would work in CS5, though continues to work fine in CS4 (I have both on the same PC, both at work and at home). This means that it has nothing to do with my firewall settings, etc.


              I can find very little online. One dialog vaguely mentions problems with "serial verification", but that seems unlikely since, if there was a problem with the serial#, the programs would be announcing it loud and clear, rather than cryptically giving messages that the "Adobe Servers" can not be accessed.


              Would appreciate any clues you might have uncovered.





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                czahos23 Level 1

                Same annoying problem I have with Kuler. It was working fine a few days ago and

                now nothing. It is saying it is not connected., but I am connected to the internet and have a perfect connection.

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                  serotones Level 1

                  Hi there,


                  Actually, my problem extends to CS Live as well. I have both CS4 Creative

                  Suite and CS5 installed. The CS4 versions all connect with no problem, but

                  CS5 is no go, both for Kuler and for CS Live (message that there is a

                  problem connecting to Adobe server). I really don't want to re-install CS5,

                  but that may be the only solution (or not).


                  Let me know if you find any solution.





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                    designerphill Level 1

                    Hi, i too are having simler problems with Kuler, both online at work on a pc running cs3 and at home on a mac running cs4 both online and using air. Its telling me that my loging details are wrong, so went to reset password and loged into adobe using same login details?? changed password same problem! Loged into acrobat same login details no problem and loged into photoshop.com no problems.


                    On all systems i was able to use kuler a few weeks ago and nothing has changed at my end and by the many responses there have been there is only one possible solution it is something that adobe has done.


                    Anyway if any of your have a color Monkey there is a nifty bit of softwear that comes with it which will do the same as kuler take any picture and turn it into a swatch which can be exported to any adobe program

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                      Jenz Grove Level 1

                      Has anybody solved this issue yet? I am also not able to connect to the Adobe servers.

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                        tom dtp Level 1

                        I think Adobe isn't really supporting Kuler anymore. There's something similar in Illustrator but it doesn't have getting a palette from image

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                          AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                          If you can't access Kuler from within a CS5 application, then online service access may have been disabled on your computer.


                          NOTE: This might have been done intentionally by a system administrator or IT department, so if you are in a business or are otherwise using equipment owned/managed by a company, then you may need to ask them for permission before changing this.


                          This document describes more information about this:




                          (Note that this particular plist file can be opened in TextEdit; you do not have a use a specialized property list editor.)


                          They key thing is that the AdobeOnlineDefault setting has to be 1 or else it's disabled.




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                            serotones Level 1

                            Carey, Jenz, Tom...


                            Thanks for your replies. Kuler is still working because I can access it from

                            all my CS4 programs; but not from CS5. Same goes for CS Live and Adobe

                            server in general. Perhaps Adobe is trying to implement something but, if

                            so, they're being pretty haphazard about it. I've tried every suggestion I

                            could find on the web, including resetting preferences, going through each

                            program one-by-one to check for blocks, making sure firewall settings allow

                            all things Adobe, etc., to no avail. I haven't yet tried reinstalling CS5,

                            but may try that at some point. If any of you still have CS4 programs on

                            your PC/Mac, check whether they can connect and let me know. Likewise I will

                            report anything new that I might find. Onward, into the heart of the






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                              Jenz Grove Level 1

                              Hi Everyone,


                              I finally caved and did a complete reinstall of Creative Suite CS5. This after I spent three weeks with Adobe's support trying to get answers! They were no help at all! I used the uninstaller that comes with the software and afterwards I deleted everything on my Mac that I could find related to Adobe. Now it works! Kuler and all other services using the internet to connect via the software is working again. So it remains a big mystery on what actually went wrong to begin with but the reinstall did it for me. I also have a dozen other smaller bugs that are sorted out after the reinstall so I guess it was the best option for me. I hope this helps you guys too. I know first hand how frustrating this issue is and how Adobe is of no use in helping with this issue.

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                                luckynorth Level 1

                                You see me disappointed and very frustrated. But thats nothing new when you work with Adobe Products.


                                Since July people are reporting issues with Kuler in CS5 and what happens? Nothing. It seems, that Adobe is still doing nothing. Not that i can't live without Kuler. But it took me 1 hr to check my internet connection and every possible preference in CS5 and search the web for solutions or explanations. In PS CS4, Kuler is still working. In every CS5 App not. So Adobe, could you please be so kind to fix this after 2 month? Or do i expect too much?




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                                  AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                                  @luckynorth and anyone else still facing this problem:


                                  I'd like to help you all get this fixed.


                                  At present, I do not have any issues getting connected to Kuler via any Adobe CS5 application on Mac OS or Windows.

                                  I did before, and it was because I had disabled Internet access to my Adobe applications. Just in case any of you had this same restriction, I posted the fix for this in my reply above.


                                  Everyone, please check that you don't have online access disabled for CS5. In Windows, this is controlled by a registry entry; on Mac OS, it's controlled by a plist file. See this document for details:





                                  After you have verified that the plist file doesn't exist or is set to a value of 1 on Mac OS, or the registry value is set to 1 on Windows, reboot your computer, and see what happens.



                                  If it's still not working, then reply with the following details:


                                  - What specific operating system you are using.

                                  For Mac OS, include the exact version, like 10.5.8; you can get this by going to Apple > About This Mac.

                                  For Windows, I mean XP, Vista, or Windows 7, any service packs, and also 32-bit or 64-bit. You can get these details by going into System in the Control Panel.


                                  - How you connect to the Internet.

                                  Wired or wireless?

                                  Either way, are you at home, or at work/school (or otherwise connected to some kind of larger network)?


                                  - Have you installed all updates for your CS5 applications?
                                  Open a CS5 application, go to Help > Updates (or Help > Check for updates), let it check for updates, if any are found, install them, if none are found then note that.



                                  We'll get to the bottom of this; we just need to find out what about your computer/configuration that isn't allowing it to connect properly.

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                                    luckynorth Level 1

                                    Hi Carey,


                                    thanks for your reply! I don't understand why the plist file should change itself or set the value "just like this" to 0, but i checked this. The value is 1, like expected.


                                    The Mac OS X Version is 10.6.4. on a 2.16 MHz Core 2 Duo iMac. All CS5 Apps i'm using (FW, PS, AI and ID) have the latest updates installed. I'm working at home with a DSL connection via Airport. I also disabled the build-in-firewall, with no success for the Kuler connection.



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                                      AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                                      It's good to hear back from you. I just have a few additional questions to help narrow down the cause.



                                      Are you able to sign into CS Live in your CS5 applications? (Go to Window > Extensions > Access CS Live. You'll either see an error, you'll see an option to sign in, or you'll see an option to sign out.) Let me know what you see there.


                                      Does Mini Bridge work properly? In Photoshop, for example, go to Window > Extensions > Mini Bridge.


                                      If you log into a different user account on Mac OS, does Kuler work as expected? If you don't have another account already created, please create a new one so you can test this. If you're not familiar with creating accounts, see this article:


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                                        luckynorth Level 1

                                        Hi Carey,


                                        i'm not able to sign into CS Live. It displays an error "There is a problem connecting to the adobe servers".


                                        The Mini Bridge is working. Normally i'm not using it, but there are no issues in that 10 min i'm playing with.


                                        I tried a guest account and the admin account. In both accounts Kuler also doesn't work (no connection).




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                                          AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                                          OK, then it sounds like it's a network connectivity issue. Let's check for sure. (Thanks for your patience, by the way.)


                                          Try going to these addresses in your web browser:





                                          These are both HTTPS (secure) addresses, so be sure to enter them that way.


                                          The first one should load a blank white page. No errors or anything.

                                          The second one may give a security warning (if so, you don't need to go any further on this one), or it will load a blank page.


                                          Let me know what happens with these. If you get errors, take a note of what the error was.



                                          Also, in the Finder go to /Library/Application Support/Adobe and look for the CS5ServiceManager folder. Get Info on it (CMD+'I' or contrl click > Get Info), and let me know what the Size is as well as how many items there are.

                                          • 18. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                            luckynorth Level 1

                                            Ok, lets go on ...


                                            The first address load a blank page. The second reports in Safari, Chrome and Firefox an invalid certificate (screenshots).


                                            The size of the CS5 Service Manager folder is 24.4 MB and the folder contains 780 items.





                                            Screen shot 2010-10-07 at 06.02.49.png

                                            Screen shot 2010-10-07 at 06.10.52.png

                                            Screen shot 2010-10-07 at 06.11.59.png

                                            • 19. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                              AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                                              Thanks for humoring me.


                                              Doesn't look like it's a connection problem, but the size and number of items for the CS5 Service Manager is less than mine. (I have 858 items, totalling 26.5 MB.)


                                              So, either CS5 Service Manager is just broken, or you don't have the latest update for it. Try downloading the update from here, and then installing it:





                                              Let me know if there are problems installing the update (which I somewhat expect since you said the Updater reported no updates were available). We can repair the Service Manager if needed.

                                              • 20. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                luckynorth Level 1

                                                I've installed the update without any problems. I didn't knew about this update. Now the folder size is 24.5 MB and contains 786 items. Still no Kuler.

                                                In the past i installed all updates manually. When i now run the updater in FW, a error appears (screenshot).


                                                Screen shot 2010-10-07 at 10.07.19.png


                                                The firewall is disabled (for testing)! And i don't know which "internet settings". I don't have problems with my internet connection.

                                                I don't know what else to do ...




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                                                  serotones Level 1

                                                  Hi Carey,


                                                  Been following your progress (or lack thereof) with Mario. Since I am able

                                                  to connect just fine (both Kuler and Adobe in general), from all my CS4

                                                  programs but not from any CS5 (though I used to be able to). Since I am

                                                  experiencing the identical problem on both my work PC and my home PC

                                                  (Windows 7), I would guess that this problem must be fairly widespread. I

                                                  just installed the CSXS update you recommended. Still can't connect but it

                                                  did place two items in the registry that were not previously present. I have

                                                  attached 2 screen shots showing the 2 folders and their contents/keys

                                                  (CSXS2P Preferences and CSXSP Preferences). You will note that the first

                                                  value in both folders is not set, and I have not yet fiddled with it. Any

                                                  thoughts/suggestions? What should a "healthy" CS5 registry look like (or

                                                  CS4, for that matter)? I might also mention that, although I can connect

                                                  from CS4 Photoshop, etc., since I really don't use CS4 anymore I haven't let

                                                  the programs update themselves when prompted, guessing that therein may lurk

                                                  the cause of the problem I am experiencing with CS5 and not willing to

                                                  completely relinquish my Kuler connection (in particular), just yet.


                                                  I'll wait a bit longer, but soon may just bite the bullet and re-install

                                                  CS5, a solution that has apparently worked for some of us. In any case, many

                                                  thanks for your efforts.





                                                  • 22. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                    AllDayDev Adobe Employee



                                                    I don't see any screen shots in your message, but here are the default values for the two registry keys you mentioned:






                                                    You'll note that the "(Default)" values are in fact blank.

                                                    There are also simlar keys under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, which should have the same information as is in HKLM, and also some additional entries.






                                                    The size and number of items in the CS5ServiceManager folder are still not what they should be, so it seems that some files were missing to begin with and the update didn't replace them.

                                                    To fix this, please do the following:


                                                    1. Quit all applications.
                                                    2. In the Finder, navigate to /Library/Application Support/Adobe.
                                                    3. Delete the following folders:


                                                    4. Empty the Trash.
                                                    5. Restart the computer.
                                                    6. Run the CS5 installer. (Either from your download or from the DVD.)
                                                    7. Check the box next to one of the Already Installed products, such as Illustrator, and then proceed through the installation.
                                                    8. After the install finishes, install Adobe updates by going to Help > Updates in a CS5 application and then follow the on-screen instructions.



                                                    Let me know whether or not that helps with the Kuler issue, and also what the size of the CS5ServiceManager folder ends up being.

                                                    • 23. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                      luckynorth Level 1

                                                      I'll give up ...


                                                      I deleted the 3 folders, run the installer and let Fireworks check for updates. It installed a few updates for all applications (Pixel Bender Toolkit, Adobe Media Encoder ...) and now all applications are up-to-date.


                                                      Screen shot 2010-10-09 at 14.59.20.png


                                                      CS5 Service Manager now has 18 MB and 615 items.


                                                      Oh, btw. Kuler is still not connecting. I'll not try anything more, especially i'll not reinstall any CS5 app. Not for Kuler. I don't know why this issue exist. I know that i'm not the only one and that it's not related only to Mac's. And because i'm not forced to use Kuler, i'll let it like this. Maybe someday it's working again.


                                                      Many thanks to Carey who really wanna help and cares! Adobe needs more people like you ...





                                                      • 24. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                        serotones Level 1



                                                        Many thanks to Carey. It seems after all that a complete re-install is the

                                                        only solution *which is pretty much what her last suggestion was). I will do

                                                        so in the next day or two and report back.



                                                        • 25. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                          serotones Level 1

                                                          Okay folks, it's official (at least for me). I did a complete uninstall of

                                                          CS5, and then re-installed. Kuler, CS Live work like a charm, didn't even

                                                          have to set preferences for connection, etc. However, I have not yet updated

                                                          any of the individual components, so therein may lie the rub. I can't see

                                                          not updating simply to avoid recurrence of the problem, but if it does occur

                                                          again, at least I will know where to start looking. Good luck.





                                                          • 26. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                            serotones Level 1

                                                            Addendum for anyone still checking: Following my complete reinstall of CS5,

                                                            with fingers crossed I went ahead and updated all components. It is with a

                                                            great sigh of relief that I can report: all is well, am still able to

                                                            connect with Kuler and CS Live.


                                                            Bye for now...

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                                                              luckynorth Level 1

                                                              It seems, that Adobe has some build-in "Kuler Voodoo". I've a weird story:


                                                              I've done some work in PS and tried automatically the Kuler Panel. No connection. After that i go to the Preferences. My external HD was replaced and  i want to add the HD again as a scratch disk. I've done this and saved the Prefs. And then i clicked again the Kuler Button. And it connected!!!!!!! Closing the Kuler Panel. Opening - no connection. Again prefs, go, lets say, to the plug-ins section, check the box for the additional plug-ins folder, uncheck, save. Klick the Kuler Panel- connection. Close the Kuler panel, reopen-no connection.


                                                              I've done this several times. Could someone explain what happens here??? Oh, in all other Apps Kuler is still not connecting. The "save the prefs" temporary solution is not working there.



                                                              • 28. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                serotones Level 1

                                                                Well, my friend, I would highly recommend that you try completely

                                                                uninstalling, then re-installing the entire CS5 suite. My money is on an

                                                                Adobe update as original cause, and that though there is undoubtedly a way

                                                                to correct without re-installing, at this point (for most of us) it is the

                                                                simplest (if inconvenient) solution. What is particularly mysterious to me

                                                                is that it is occurring on both platforms (Mac Win), and that it only

                                                                affects CS5 not CS4. Who needs puzzle and adventure games when our own

                                                                workaday software provides such mysteries, eh?


                                                                Good luck.



                                                                • 29. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                  luckynorth Level 1

                                                                  Hi Terry,


                                                                  thanks for your wishes. And you're right! It seems that a complete de-install and a new install is the only solution.


                                                                  This week my new beloved 27" iMac arrived. I installed everything Adobe and run all updates and what should i say. Since two days i've permanent Kuler connection. ;-)


                                                                  I don't know what the problem was. But i think that a not so complete deinstall of CS4 (maybe some prefs remains) could be the reason. Anyway. For me it was easy, because on a new machine everything has to be installed and no "pref garbage" is on the disk. But also for existing installations only the complete re-install brings the Kuler back.




                                                                  • 30. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                    serotones Level 1



                                                                    Glad to hear that you're sorted. As an added bonus, once I re-installed, I

                                                                    was finally able to install InCopy, which for some reason I had never before

                                                                    been able to accomplish. As for Adobe itself, while poor customer service,

                                                                    etc. is always annoying, far more disturbing is the lack of competence

                                                                    displayed by the company who (however gently) has a large part of the design

                                                                    community, as well as a good portion of the broader business community, by

                                                                    the balls (so to speak).


                                                                    Anyway, best of luck...here's hoping you stay connected.




                                                                    • 31. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                      DanoDSM Level 1

                                                                      Oddly, this worked for me as was suggested earlier...


                                                                      I went to Preferences, Plug-Ins, clicked and unclicked the additional plug-ins folder then OKAY.


                                                                      I tried another search in the Kuler panel and voila... it turned black, ran the circular animating status wheel, and came back with the results of my search.


                                                                      This was on Snow Leopard Mac, CS5 Photoshop - I haven't tried any other app in the suite but I only use it in PS.


                                                                      Strange workaround and obviously I hope something more permanent can be found but giving it that preference "kick" to reset it seemed to work.


                                                                      EDIT TO ADD: I should note that this is as temporary as it gets for a workaround - as soon as you close the Kuler panel it's back to a connection failure and you have to repeat the above again. Same goes for restarting Photoshop in general. So, if you have a work session that can be a long one - leave the Kuler panel open the whole time.


                                                                      Lastly, I'm not in a lab or office environment - my IT department is me and I haven't made any permissions changes for plug-in connections. I also can't imagine re-installing to get this working. It seems from other posts since CS4 this is an Adobe issue.


                                                                      Message was edited by: DanoDSM

                                                                      • 32. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                        serotones Level 1

                                                                        Hey, Dano...


                                                                        Thanks for your suggestion. This was actually one of the early proposed

                                                                        solutions tried by myself, Mario and, I assume, countless others, to no

                                                                        avail. That it worked for you, only highlights the mystery, as does the fact

                                                                        that the problem was cross-platform. I won't be surprised if it pops up

                                                                        again, but for now all is right with the world (well, Planet Adobe




                                                                        • 33. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                          DanoDSM Level 1

                                                                          Good morning, Seretones,


                                                                          Thanks for the reply. So, after the time you've spent on this are you saying that the re-install is the only option that ultimately works/lasts? (Barring Adobe actually fixing it themselves)?


                                                                          I love Kuler and love it even more with its CS5 integration but re-installing... that's a task I'd rather not do unless it's a last resort.

                                                                          • 34. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                            serotones Level 1



                                                                            Well, as I understand it, your solution seems to have worked (for you).

                                                                            Again, my case was like this:

                                                                            1. 2 PC's, Windows 7 (laptop & desktop)

                                                                            2. Both had CS4 Suite and CS5 Suite installed

                                                                            3. Always kept current with updates, both for Windows and CS5  - but not for

                                                                            CS4, (due to non-use) which is one reason I think that something in one of

                                                                            the Adobe updates was the culprit (the other reason being that it was

                                                                            happening on both Mac and PC platforms).

                                                                            4. One day (on both machines), CS5 could no longer connect, neither Kuler *

                                                                            nor* to CS Live

                                                                            5. CS4 on both machines could connect, both to  Kuler and to CS Live

                                                                            6. Meantime, was trying to install InCopy, which failed on both machines,

                                                                            producing all sorts of arcane error messages (72 "fatal errors" , as I


                                                                            7. Finally, totally uninstall-ed then re-installed CS5 and...voila! Back to

                                                                            normal, with added bonus of finally being able to install InCopy...tada!

                                                                            8. Since re-install, have successfully run all updates with no ill effect,

                                                                            knock on wood (emulated through skillful and subtle manipulations of the pen

                                                                            tool and gradient mesh).


                                                                            Compared with all the hoops that Carey (kind as she was trying to be) was

                                                                            putting poor Mario (luckynorth) through, editing the registry and so on, a

                                                                            re-install does seem to be a comparatively straight-forward solution.

                                                                            Depends on your setup, work situation, etc., I suppose.


                                                                            I seem to recall that another hapless soul was able to achieve success with

                                                                            your particular fix...but had to run it each time! Hope that is not the

                                                                            case for you, my friend. BTW... is true that Adobe is planning to abandon

                                                                            the Mac platform altogether, or is that just a vicious rumor?


                                                                            Take care....


                                                                            In the Tremendum....

                                                                            • 35. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                              webdyrer Level 1

                                                                              So the only solution is install/uninstall

                                                                              Here what I did with photoshop in plugin disable allow extensions to access internet and enabled and it is working for current session

                                                                              Anyone make permanent? without reinstalling CS5

                                                                              • 36. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                                serotones Level 1

                                                                                Hi webdyrer,


                                                                                In my case, even that temporary "fix" did not work. But having followed

                                                                                every thread I could find, and trying every suggestion on offer (sometimes

                                                                                from very well-intentioned Adobe techs), no matter how arcane or convoluted,

                                                                                in the end a re-install was the only fix (on two separate machines in my

                                                                                case). I know that it's not voodoo (despite appearances to the contrary), so

                                                                                there must be something in the registry that holds the key, but I wasn't

                                                                                clever enough to find it. Just re-install and don't look back, would be my

                                                                                advice. Nevertheless, would really appreciate a heads up if you actually

                                                                                find another permanent solution. Good luck.



                                                                                • 37. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                                  luckynorth Level 1

                                                                                  After a few weeks i can say: The same as before! Yesterday i tried the kuler panel in PS and: Yeah! No connection again!


                                                                                  I really don't know on which day it stopped working. After the new installation of all my software on the new iMac everything was fine. I was not installing any new software. I've just done a few updates for other apps over the time. I'm not sure, but i think it has something to do with other software. On my MacBook the kuler connection is fine. I compared all prefs between the two machines, i installed all Adobe updates, i checked the firewall settings ... Everything on the iMac is the same as on the MacBook. Except the different apps (on the iMac are far more apps installed.


                                                                                  I'm really angry. I'll not reinstall anything. I just wanna let you know, that a complete reinstall is (at least for me) not a solution. Maybe one day Adobe is able to tell, what the problem is and maybe there is a fix for that. Maybe ...





                                                                                  • 38. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                                    AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                                                                                    Thank you all for your patience.


                                                                                    As of now, the issue appears to be resolved 100% of the time by uninstalling and re-installing the software.


                                                                                    We are still investigating the cause of the issue, though, so we can provide a less impactful way to fix the issue.



                                                                                    We will update this thread when we have more information.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: CS5 Mac Kuler - Not connected to the internet
                                                                                      DanoDSM Level 1

                                                                                      Any suggestions for backing up all my goodies before I try a re-install?


                                                                                      I've got quite a few custom patterns, gradients, shapes, brushes, etc. I'd hate to have to create them all from scratch. Is the export *.pat (for example) the best option for each of these things or is there a more global, one-step solution that's quicker?

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