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    H.264 .mp4 vs. .mov


      Hi all,


      I've been been trying to get H.264 videos to play on my custom video player written in AS3. I've been able to get h264 encoded .mp4 files to work, but if the same file and same codec are in a .mov container, there is a problem. Namely when i try to jump ahead to an unbuffered part of the video, the video starts at the beginning instead of at the desired keyframe. Does anyone know what might be going on? I can reproduce any code but do not want to bog everyone down. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!




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          jsd99 Level 3

          have you set up your .mov files for quick start?


          personally i'm kind of surprised flash can play .mov at all, i thought it could only do .mp4.  can you migrate to .mp4 container?  you should be able to re-mux the video without re-encoding pretty easily.