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    Flash CS5: Runtime Shared Library




      I'm having a problem publishing my flash files. Everything was fine up until a few days ago and now all of a sudden I get an error message when I try to publish telling me that the file won't publish due to a RSL error. It advises me to alter my publish settings as follows:

      • Publish settings
      • Advanced AS3 settings
      • Runtime Shared Library      settings
      • error:      text_layout_1.0.0.595.swz for TLF text


      I'm told that the swf will not run without a preloader. There are two options available: custom preloader and merge into code. I am inserting the animations into a captivate project. If I choose custom preloader the animations won't run in Cp. When I try to insert them Cp only recognises them as being 2 frames long. If I choose the merge into code option it makes my captivate project go completely haywire.


      Any suggestions? Ideas? I'm pretty much just learning how to use authoring tools and have a deadline looming for this project in a few weeks.


      Thanks for any and all help!