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    Clean-up Stage


      I have created several .swf files using Adobe Captivate 3.

      I inserted these using the Adobe Presenter 7 add-on to MS Power Point 2003 (running on top of WinXP environment).

      I have the following clean up needs/questions:


      Clean up item #1:

      I did decheck the Captivate borders box as suggested in other discussions found in the forum.  This resulted in the captivate skin file being included in the .swf Captivate file inserted into Presenter, so I incorporated the Captivate play bar this way and kept my CC option for closed captioning as found on the Captivate playbar.  When I preview the PPT show, within Power Point, it plays fine and closed captioning travels at a nice pace with the .swf clip.  It follows the timing I indicated as I recorded the CCs within Captivate.  However, once published and framed using Presenter, the closed captioning lines travel rapidly while the .swf clip travels at normal speaking speed.  So, the question is how can I get the closed captioning text to go at the same speed of the speaker instead of greatly racing ahead of the speaker?


      Clean up item #2:

      I've seen other discussion posts in the forum that danced around this particular clean up item, so let me ask it more directly.  As I bring in the .swf clips it is seemingly hard to control the amount of open space around the resulting clips.  Additionally, I'm noticing a degrade in the video quality.  So far I have set the quality to high in the Presenter presentation settings, and indicated that users advance slides.  I have also discovered the right click properties for the slides (to which I am not finding any help documentation anywhere though I have intently search, so trial and error here.)  I have changed Height = 540 and Width = 720 and Quality1 = 1 and Quality2=high.  I would like to increase the size of the video clip to the maximum possible to lessen the distortion.  I would like to have consistency in the amount of empty space and the color of that space as well.  I feel like I'm missing something here and would appreciate further insight.  The frame rate used in recording Captivate clips was 15 frames per second.  I already recorded all the clips and received a warning message when I attempted to change these to 30, so cancelled out of that.  Thanks for any added thoughts as I don't like the current distorted/fuzzy video quality and the inconsistent backgrounds space and color.


      And... I agree with other postings... I'm getting the impression that Presenter is not really being kept up well by Adobe.    If they are replacing it, then it would be good to know what is coming up so I can prepare for that.   I think there is benefit to using  both Captivate and Presenter!


      Thanks so much!!