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    Presenter output displays different sizes on screen


      I have a faculty using Adobe Presenter 7 with MS office ppt 2007. She created the presentation, published to a zip file, loaded the zip file to our LMS (Desire2Learn) and points a topic within the LMS to the html file from from the unzipped file now on our LMS server. She has created a few presentations this way. Problem is that when students open one of presentations it appears in the browser normally full size with controls (this is good). But...one or two of these files open however with a really small presentation display. The display takes up ONLY the top one third of the web page and leaves blank white space below. The slide is only about 2x3 inches and small controls. What is causing this? I don't see anything different in the setttings nor in the source code when I compare it to files that seem to work normal.


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          After some more playing with this here's what I found. I was able to relink the topic to the swf file instead of the html file and it plays normal. Also, I tried creating another folder in the LMS, copying the original zip file there and unzipping it and pointing to the html file again. This duplicated the behavior I was originally seeing. Then I tried to unzip the original zip file in the original folder and write over the existing files. NOW it looks normal and is able to be viewed in normal size screen. I'm not sure why this behavior is happening.  Nor do I know if it's best to point the topic to the html file or the swf file. If anyone has some ideas, I'd appreciate a response.

          Thanks, Dansing