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    Problem unloading external swf


      (Started a new thread for this q...)


      I'm building a website. One of the menu buttons prompts a movieclip animation which sits on the main timeline. Inside this movieclip are several thumbnail buttons, each opens an external swf inside that movieclip. I have a "Back to thumbnails" button also inside this movieclip to redirect back to the main timeline.


      When I  click the menu button (called "Work") to open the movieclip to  bring up the thumbnail animation, it works fine if I click before any  external swf is loaded, BUT if I click on it after the swf is already loaded, it  will just reload that swf instead of going back to the thumbnail mc. I  used the same actionscript that I am using for "Back to thumbnails" button, but  it isn't working the same. (The only difference is the Work button is on  the main timeline, and the Back to thumbnails button is inside the  container movieclip, obviously that has to be the reason why, I just  don't know how to fix it)


      on (release) {




      It's playing the thumbnail movie animation as it should, but  where the thumbnails mc is supposed to be, the swf is in its place. Do I need to direct it to a different level somehow? (I'm not sure how those work)