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    HOWTO Confirmation On Submit Button




      We have two workflow route buttons at the bottom of our workspace form.  One is called 'Process and the other is called 'Cancel'.  Is it possible to add a confirmation message box if the user selects cancel?  We would like to set it up so if the user chooses no he would stay in the form and if the users chooses yes it would continue down the cancel route of the workflow.


      We were thinking we could put our message box in the AWS_SUBMIT::click script.  We can get the message box to pop up, but we haven't been able to determine which of the two buttons was pressed.  Is there a way to determine which submit button was pressed?


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      Jon Valencia


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          Like you can have some hidden text fields which can set or reset onclick of the these two buttons.


          If button1 is pressed write a script to set the text field value 1.


          if button2 is pressed then reset the text field value to 0.


          To get confirmation message box ,you can use the below statement.


          xfa.host.messageBox(" still you want to continue ?","Alert","3","2");