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    Reader 9.3.3 installs every time I start up my PC


      I'm on Windows XP Professional, v 5.1.2600, Service Pack 2.


      A while back I tried downloading and installing Adobe Reader 9.3.3 as an update to the old Reader I had. It never installed properly -- constant error messages, and it somehow wiped out the old Reader, too. IT told me about the FoxIt pdf reader, which I installed on a temporary basis until IT could get over here to investigate the Adobe Reader problem. While FoxIt was installed, I noticed that Adobe Reader 9.3.3 would attempt to install itself every. single. time. I. started. the. PC. Unsuccessfully! IT eventually came over to uninstall FoxIt and they found a way to successfully install Reader 9.3.3, but this application STILL tries to install itself every time I start up.


      How do I get this to stop???? They tell me it has something to do with a script that's being called forth at startup ... ?????

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          pwillener Level 8

          Can you run msconfig and see what script is trying to run at startup?



          P.S. it is really none of my business, but you know that Windows XP-SP2 is no longer a supported OS?

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            soupshoe Level 1

            I found the following Adobe-related applications in the startup tab when I ran msconfig:







            Unchecking their boxes did not solve the problem. Abobe Reader 9.3.3 still installs itself upon every startup, making startup last a full 6 minutes.


            Are there any other suggestions about how to fix this?


            P.S. When I look in Add/Remove Programs within the control panel, I see that I have Adobe Acrobat 9 (v. 9.0.0), Acrobat.com (v., and something that labels itself Adobe Reader 9.3.2, but it is actually version 9.3.3.

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              Do you have anything added to the following in relations to Adobe Reader:





              If so then just delete the key (back-up your registry before making changes to it) and see if the notiifcation goes away after you reboot.