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    Counting Survey Results

      I have a survey that has 10 questions and each question is answered with a rating of 1 - 10. On the results page, I need to display a count of each rating for each question (i.e. Q1 = 4 - 1's, 3 - 2's, 5 - 7's, etc). I'm able to get a count but it doesn't show which count is for which rating. The following code is what I'm using:

      <!--- Query to collect all results --->
      <cfquery name="qQuesResults" datasource="dsn">
      SELECT Q1, Q2, Q3, A4, A5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10
      FROM mytable

      <cfquery name="cQuesResults" dbtype="query">
      SELECT Q1, Count(*) AS cQ1
      FROM qQuesResults
      GROUP BY Q1

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------
      AND how would I display the results output? Right now I'm just using the following:
      <cfoutput query="cQ1" group="Q1">#cQuesResults.cQ1#<br></cfoutput>

      Also, I'm just testing with the first question (Q1) , but when I do add the others, would I have to create a Q o Q for each Question?

      Any help will be appreciated. Thanks