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    Testbed for Flash Banners


      Can anyone recommend a testbed for flash banners?


      My company serves a lot of flash banners that are created by many different vendors. There are many variables to make sure that the banner is optimized correctly. We would like to provide our vendors a solid testbed so the CPU does not go over 50%. We want to make sure that flash does not eat up to much of the processing speed.


      I am looking for a solid testbed with these variables defined: (do let me know if you can think of any other variables)


      - Operating System (ex: Mac vs. Windows)
      - CPU Type (intel processer 2.4 GHz or AMD)
      - System Memory (RAM)
      - Browser
      - Internet Connection (T1, dial up)
      - Video Adapter
      - Computer Type
      - Motherboard Name
      - Motherboard Chipset


      Can you make a recommendation?