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    New Mac, new software, can't open .fdf - Reader and Safari 'flicker'


      My brand-new Xeon tower with OS 10.6.4 is loaded with the latest software version of everything, and when I try to open an .fdf file (Dental Claim Form from my work benefits) Reader has a conniption, booting up Safari (no matter which browser I'm using) and then 'flickering' as Reader and Safari try to take the front window from each other. Safari is Version 5.0 and Reader is 9.3.3. I tried uninstalling the Adobe PDFViewer Safari Plug-In to see if I could force it to read as a Firefox plug-in, but it still boots up Safari and has a battle for front screen. Nothing is crashing though, I can click on the File menu and whichever app is front when I click gives me a menu I can Quit from. I just want to get an address to send a claim form to, not play software games!!!