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    Adding an extra column to the ArrayCollection.



      I have an array collection which gets data from a drop down enabled data grid. The number of rows are unknown as it depends on the number of rows dragged into the it. It has Two columns. Example :


      ([{fromStation:'AAA',toStation:'BBB'},{fromStation:'CCC',toStation:'BBB'},{fromStation:'DD D',toStation:'EEE'}])...

      I want to add an extra element to the array collection which will be a serial number to each row such that thw final array collection will look like :

      ([{slNo:1,fromStation:'AAA',toStation:'BBB'},{slNo:2,fromStation:'CCC',toStation:'BBB'},{s lNo:3,fromStation:'DDD',toStation:'EEE'}])... and so on.

      How do I do it? please help me..!

      Thanks in advance..!