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    How to disable autoupdate on Mac

    M. Austin

      Now before anybody replies, let me explain.  I am not interested in merely going into the Adobe Reader application's Preferences>Updates>etc.  My concern is a bit more specific.


      Adobe Reader was not launched by me.  It automatically launched itself and wanted to update something.  To the best of my knowledge this can only be accomplished two ways:  1) a cron setting (as in the unix command-line cron) and 2) a daemon process running in the background.  I checked cron and didn't see anything there, which leads me to think that adobe reader installed some background process that's running 24/7.  If such a background process exists, how do I kill it, and where is it running from?  I can't allow any 3rd party background processes to run on this machine.


      Again, I must reiterate, I am not content to merely change the application's Preferences.  Whatever the mechanism was that it used to launch itself without permission is something I must disable/break/delete.  Simply allowing the background daemon to run quietly without auto-launching isn't good enough.