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    Getting Flash CS3/CS4 AIR1.0 app to work in Flash CS5

    abeall Level 3

      This is a question in regards to Flash CS5 but since it's specific to AIR I'm posting here.


      I have a Flash CS3 AIR 1.0 project and I can't get it to compile in Flash CS5. If I recall I installed some extension for Flash CS3 to be able to create AIR apps. It was an Adobe extension.


      The app involves two SWFs. The first is the main app, Main.fla, the second is a window panel template, Panel.fla. The Main app would compile and include the Panel.swf which it would instantiate and load into new windows to create a paneled app.


      I was able to open Main.fla and publish in CS5 with no problems. The profile even says AIR 1.0 in the properties panel, although when I click edit it shows AIR 2.0 selected in the dropdown, and there is no option for another version of AIR -- which version of AIR is actually being created? Not important as long as it work...


      The Panel.fla on the other hand I cannot get to compile. The profile still says AIR 1.0 in properties but the dropdown in the publish settings says Flash Player 9, and when I compile it breaks on any AIR references, for instance:

      1119: Access of possibly undefined property nativeWindow through a reference with static type flash.display:Stage.


      I have this classpath:

      $(AppConfig)/ActionScript 3.0 AIR 1.0/Classes


      But apparently that is no longer good. I've looked in all the Flash CS5 directories I could find and there is no such dir.


      The issue here is that Panel.fla is NOT an AIR app, it's a SWF which runs in an AIR app. How should get this working?

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          abeall Level 3

          I changed the profile of both to AIR2.0, and it still shows AIR1.0 in the properties panel. I'm able to publish the Panel.swf now but it also generates an unwanted panel-app.xml -- unwanted because panel is not an app, it's merely a SWF to run inside the main app.


          Is there a better way? And why does it still say AIR1.0 in the properties panel?