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    Creating such a component

    vaishalishah Level 1

      Hi ,

      Is it possible to create a component as mentioned in the attached file using flex 3. If so could someone help out.

      The basic functionality is the entire grid/component is popultated with the rows whihc have a combo box . On click any one of the rows of the grid another grid opens up containing data for that group.

      If i use advance grid with say an item renderer as combo then the below grid which open up on clicking on the arrow will have an empty combo as item renderer  which is not needed. Preferably i would like to have the rows with the combo and date fields as one unit and the grid with the values as a seperate unit. Thanks in advance.





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          Anuradha@ Level 1

          Maintaining 2 separate datagrids would be preferable.Keep the look and feel same for both.Just use the combo and date renderers for the top one and not for the below one. And you can keep the below data grid without header.On click of any row in top DG capture the row->make the below data grid visible->assign the captured values to the below DG.Be sure to position the below DG correctly.While making it visible, calculate the y-coord of Top DG+header height of Top DG+(no. of rows)*row height of top DG and assign to the y coord of below DG