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    CS3 pop up menu bug

    jeremy@noble Level 1
      Has anyone else run into this?

      On the Mac (10.4), if you create a pop-up menu and start typing text in the "Pop-up Menu Editor" you can't delete the text! The delete key does not delete. The only way to delete text is to select it with your cursor and then delete. I've tried this on our PowerPC macs and Intel macs and the same problem happens everytime. On the PC, it works just fine...backspace deletes the text. Any fix for this?

      I get the same problem if I switch a slice from "Image" to "HTML" and hit the Edit... button to add some text. In the "Edit HTML Slice" window I can type text but my delete key does not delete. Again I have to highlight the text with my cursor and then I can delete it. This works fine on the PC but not the Mac.