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    BER error - validating signature

    #15. Crouch

      I work for an electronic invoicing software house and we are presently having problems validating signatures within PDF signed using an RBS TrustAssured (Identrus) signature which Adobe tells me “Signature is valid, but revocation of the signer’s identity could not be checked”. 


      When I then go into the certificate properties revocation tab and hit the problems encountered button the error message is "Error encountered while BER decoding".


      RBS say they are confident the problem is Adobe and not their certs. Any ideas what the problem is and what can be done to solve this?

      FYI "Perfect PDF 6 Reader" has no problems validating.

      Thanks in advance
      #15. Crouch


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          Did you figure this out #15.Crouch? I'm getting the same message as you.  Could you share what you did to fix your issue if you did find it?  Thank you.

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            I know this is an old thread but I'm experiencing the same issue as well. Using Acrobat Reader v11.0.6 on Windows XP.


            I filled out a PDF via Adobe Reader and then signed the document via DocuSign and when I open the PDF to see if it validates, I get the following error: “Signature is valid, but revocation of the signer’s identity could not be checked”.

            I've tried reinstalling Reader and the issue still exists.

            What's interesting is that in Acrobat at home on my Mac, the same file  validates just fine.

            Any help would be appreciated.


            Here is a photo of the issue:


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              Untick Require certificate revocation checking......



              But the question is, WHY does this happen and WHY should it be ticked/unticked? Advanatges and disadvantages of each