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    SWF Export different to FLA


      Hi all


      I have a small problem. When I go to export a flash file (command > enter) the swf either decides to play every 5th frame which I made 5 keyframes each at 20% more alpha each playing only the one at 100% alpha. It also brings in the line spacing so it is all mucked up. Everything is fine when I press enter to do timeline preview but not when I export swf does anyone have any idea why?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You may have to give a better idea of what before why can be guessed at.    You make it sound like frames are being skipped.  How can you tell?  What is visually different between what you say looks okay and the behavior when you run it?  What is the "line spacing" you're talking about?

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            corymayfield91 Level 1

            Okay here is an example:

            I make a series of keyframes that say Cory Mayfield with each letter fading in at 5 frames each ie C = 5 frames O = 5 frames R = 5 frames etc.

            I make the first keyframe 20% alpha the second 40% the third 60% the forth 80% and the fifth 100% then the next letter the same until completed. When I play this in the time line it works great but as soon as I export to swf cmd > enter it only plays each letter at 100% alpha and none of the lower alpha frames.